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The quality and integrity of Murad skincare products and services are an extension of Murad, Inc.’s core principles and culture.
We at Murad are proud of what we do. We derive enormous satisfaction that our skincare innovations make such a positive impact on our customers’ health as well.
Ours is a company where everyone is acknowledged, respected, and treated fairly, with opportunities to contribute, learn, grow and advance based on merit.
About Dr. Murad
Widely acknowledged as one of the country’s foremost authorities on skincare, Howard Murad, M.D. has devoted his life to the science of internal and external skincare.
A board-certified dermatologist with a thriving practice in El Segundo, California, a trained pharmacist, and Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA, Dr. Murad has built a patient base of nearly 50,000 people.
Over the years, treating such a wide variety of individuals presenting every conceivable kind of skin condition, gave him direct insight into what his patients wanted and needed to care for their skin at home. This inspired him to develop his own line of skincare products. Putting theory into practice, Dr. Murad developed targeted formulas to alleviate even the most frustrating skin concerns. Murad® skincare’s success is no accident for the results speak for themselves.
Read what Dr. Murad has to say about skincare meeting healthcare in his
"As a dermatologist, pharmacist and researcher, I have devoted my life to making beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone.
A healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. This, in turn, creates a healthy environment for the skin so that if problems do arise, they resolve more easily.
Furthermore, skincare can lead the way to overall health. Take all the necessary steps to achieve healthy skin – including the right products, the proper nutrients (from both food and supplements) and positive lifestyle choices – and over time, your whole body will be healthier too."
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